AI Square for COVID-19 is a one-stop platform for the latest information, blogs and thought leadership about the application of AI, Big Data and advanced technologies to find privacy-preserving solutions for COVID-19 pandemic in a risk-aware manner. We wish to bring together data and insights from Telcos, mobile operators, hospital and government agencies and find practical privacy preserving solution through active dialog and discussions by its world-leading panel of contributors who are passionate to find solutions for the current COVID-19 pandemics.


As the world deals with the global crisis, our vision is to bring together a team of industry leaders who discuss and innovate ways to combat the pandemic today and in the future. AI Square for COVID-19 is an initiative to keep the online users updated with all the measures that are being taken to curb the crisis and reduce the amount of misinformation online.


Our goal is to collect data and insights through active dialogue from distinguished contributors belonging to different industries like hospital and healthcare, telecom, mobile operators and government bodies to find innovative solutions to contain and overcome the current COVID-19 pandemic.